The Mission Seven top banner

The Mission Seven is a dance music band from San Francisco, California. . You might say we play Mambo Rock with a side of Cumbia.

Our sound is shaped by 60's latin soul, British invasion rock, Colombian cumbia, and Brill building song craft, among all the other sounds that have wandered into our lives.


While our members have a wide variety of musical tastes and experience, this band is all about filling dance floors with sounds from our collective roots which stretch from right here at home in SF, all the way to Bogota Columbia.


Alto, Soprano and Tenor Sax duties are amply handled by Mission native and band leader Connie Walkershaw. For her fans from former international sensation Go Van Gogh, Connie is grooving more soulfully than ever, but expect double horn pyrotechnics, and plenty more in store for concert goers.


Our guitarist Felipe Gomez (Triple Point) hails from Bogota Colombia, where he grew up steeped in the sounds of Cumbia, Salsa, and Son. In his rebellious youth he played in various Bogota based grunge bands, before moving stateside to study Jazz and composition. We have dragged Felipe into a whole new bag, and marvel daily at what he brings to the table.


Battering the trap set is Rick Kennan (the Night Falls, Navio Forge, The Surround Sounds). He claims to be raised by loving parents, then captured by evangelical wolves.


On the other hand percussionist Joe Chavez was raised in a regular home on the borderline of San Francisco and Daly City. He cut his teeth in latin rock bands like Los Cochinos, went on to play traditional Mexican folk music, and was drawn into the crazy Walkershaw world, first in Go Van Gogh, and now The Mission Seven.


Rounding out the band is bass player Jesse Walkershaw (Go Van Gogh, Miguel Y Los Buenos, Comic Book Opera). He says he "never intended to play music, but could neither box, nor cook". Sharing writing and arranging duties with Connie, they keep up a lively banter on stage and off, as failure to entertain is just plain failure.