The Mission Seven brings you a brand new retro. Music made with natural voices, real drums, hand percussion, a soulful horn, vintage electric guitar, and pulsing fender bass. It’s dance music you wish you grew up with. It's what they mean when they ask to "turn the lights down low". it’s the border radio of our day. It’s fun, it’s your inner sexy beast. It’s what you’ve been thirsting for when life just needs more flavor. It's roots music from Biloxi, to Bogota, and then on to Budapest. It’s the whole wide world in a three minute song.




The Mission Seven top banner

The Mission Seven is a dance music band from San Francisco, California. . You might say we play Mambo Rock with a side of Cumbia.

Our sound is shaped by 60's latin soul, British invasion rock, Colombian cumbia, and Brill building song craft, among all the other sounds that have wandered into our lives.